Guangzhou CBD Building Materials Exhibition

The Guangzhou CBD Building Materials Expo is a building materials exhibition held in Guangzhou, China. As a major economic center in China, Guangzhou has a large construction market, which has attracted numerous domestic and international building material suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and designers to participate in this event.The fair time is from 2023-7-8 to 2023-7-11.

Foshan Saiyu Technology Co., Ltd. participated in the Guangzhou CBD Building Materials Exhibition, which is a great opportunity to showcase and promote the company's products.

At the exhibition, our company displayed two types of equipment: the edge bander machine and the CNC six-sided drilling machine.

The edge banding machine is a device used in the woodworking industry for furniture, cabinets, wardrobes, and other wood products. Its primary function is to seal the edges of the boards to enhance the aesthetics and durability of the products. Edge banders usually feature automatic feeding, automatic gluing, automatic cutting, and automatic trimming, greatly improving production efficiency.

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CNC six-sided drilling machine is an advanced CNC equipment mainly used in the drilling processing of furniture, cabinets, wardrobes, and other wooden products. It can precisely drill holes on all six sides of the board, cnc six-sided drilling machines typically have automatic tool changing, automatic positioning, and automatic measurement functions, making operation more convenient.

By participating in the Guangzhou CBD Building Materials Exhibition, Foshan Saiyu Technology Co., Ltd. has the opportunity to showcase the performance and advantages of its products to potential customers, thereby expanding the market and enhancing the company's reputation. At the same time, the exhibition provides the company with an opportunity to communicate and learn from peers in the industry, which helps the company continuously improve, innovate, and enhance product quality and technological level.

The exhibition is over, but our machine promotion is still in progress, order the machine this month, a large discount, if you need to contact us

Post time: Jun-03-2023