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Company Profile

Foshan Shunde SaiYu Technology Co., Ltd.

The company is located in Shunde Dist, Foshan city, where known as the hometown of woodworking machinery in China. The company was originally established as foshan shunde leliu Huake Long Precision Machinery Factory in 2013. After ten years of technological accumulation and experience, the company has continuously developed and grown. It has established the "Saiyu Technology" brand. Saiyu Technology has introduced cutting-edge technology from Europe and collaborated with TEKNOMOTOR, an Italian company, to integrate advanced domestic and foreign technologies and experiences.

Our customer

Haijing office furniture company is one of our important customers.

Haijing office furniture company has been in the business for 15 years and is one of the earliest furniture brands in Guangdong. Haijing's main product is office furniture.

This factory bought us 16 sets edge banding machines, five set six side cnc drilling machine, and six set cnc router machines, so it is the first stop for our customers to return.

.Let us take you to see its factory.

From the first cnc router machine sold in 2019 to the two sets six-sided cnc drilling machine at the beginning of this year, the factory has developed rapidly and is now divided into two workshops for production.

This is the first workshop, with more than 4,000 square meters. It mainly does regular orders, cutting materials, sealing edges, and punching holes. It is basically done. It is mainly for measuring orders. As you can see, this cutting machine is the old brand of our machines.  Let’s go and have a look at the new workshop.

Relatively speaking, this new workshop makes more high-end orders, so some complicated processes are also put here, including pressure plates, hardware, and skins, which are made more finely. Our four-machine edge banding machine production line is also here. Making office furniture here requires very high efficiency, large quantities, and tight delivery times, especially for some bidding projects. After signing here, the factory will start counting down. Look at the board of this pallet, with holes punched on the front and back. , it takes 20 minutes to do three-in-one.

Welcome to be our agent!

This is our Indian agent promotional video(Mr. Dilpreet Makkar). Now our company Foshan Shunde Saiyu technology Co,ltd is looking for distributors in various countries around the world. If you have experience in woodworking machinery sales, please contact our us! We look forward to learning and developing together with you. To Sell our cnc cutting machine, Edge banding machines and six-sided drilling machine ect all over the world, serving the majority of panel furniture manufacturers. Our company can provide you with high-quality machines, professional and technical pre-sales and after-sales services. You are welcome to send technicians to our company to learn and understand the products. Our company also can send professional technicians to customer factories to provide machine usage training. We have a variety of cooperation methods and look forward to your participation. Feel free to contact us.

Our Product

The company integrates product research and development, design, production, sales, and services.  Currently, the main products of the company include complete sets of equipment for panel furniture and automatic production lines, such as CNC router machines, fully automatic edge banding machines, laser edge banding machines, CNC six-sided drilling machines, intelligent side drilling machines, and computer beam saw machine etc.


Since its establishment, the company has always focused on CNC equipment for panel furniture production. Our product system has been continuously improved, especially in factory matching and automatic production. The company has provided factory planning services for many domestic and foreign customers, starting from scratch to full production, improving efficiency, achieving automatic production, and doubling production capacity. It has gained the trust of a wide range of customers.

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The company occupies an area of 8000 square meters
and currently has 60 employees.

Our core strengths lie in our highly skilled and professional technical talents, robust machinery and equipment for machining, advanced testing instruments, rich production management experience, and a well-established and trustworthy after-sales service team..Looking forward to the future, the company will increase technology research and development, improve products, upgrade services, and is committed to providing consumers with better quality and more advanced full set of customization Furniture solutions ,reduce costs for consumers, create greater value, and promote the intelligent development of the custom furniture industry.

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