Furniture software

What is furniture software?

Furniture software or we call it disassembled software.

If you have no idea of the furniture software,you check check this link:

The software can help you do the below job:

1.Preliminary design: Users can select a model in the material library and modify the relevant dimensions, or they can customize the model and generate three-dimensional views, three-dimensional renderings, etc.

asd (1)

2.Fast and accurate order disassembly: The background automatically generates information such as plate hole location maps, edge banding, hardware assembly drawings, explosion diagrams, dismantling order lists, quotations, material cost lists, etc. Compared with manual work, the error rate is lower and the efficiency is higher.

asd (2)

3.Automatically optimize typesetting: cut plates in the most reasonable way to minimize plate waste.

4.Interface with automated equipment: Automatically generate processing barcodes or QR codes, and interface with automated production equipment to realize automatic processing by scanning the barcode machine.(for our 6 six cnc drilling machine,you can scanning the barcode,machine work automatically )

asd (3)

3.Generate G code and connect with the cnc router machine.

asd (4)

4.Remaining material information is stored in the warehouse: available for timely retrieval.

5.Automatic production of packaging information: docking with packaging technology.

The order-splitting software goes deep into every process of production and management to truly accurately guide production, improve production capacity, reduce dependence on labor, and achieve scientific management. For customized orders, order splitting software can achieve large-scale production without any pressure and can adapt to the various needs of enterprises of any size from design to production, from stores to factories, and from front-end to back-end.

How to choose furniture software??

There are many kind of furniture software.we more suggest you choose locate furniture software,becuase they can provide you face to face training ,use your locate language teach you how the use the software.

If you cannot find the locate is chinese software we recommend to you:

They can offer you English software and english traing video.if you have question during using,we can add a wechat group,software engineer inside,you can ask question at the group.

How long can finish learning?

If your engineer have experience of CAD or other drawing software,some hours can finish learning.

Normally we not sell furniture software,our machine quotation not including the software,if you need help for the software,please let us know.

Before buy the the cnc nesting machine(cnc router machine),you need to consider choose which  software and if your engineer know how to use the the software.

Post time: Feb-28-2024