HK4 CNC router machine

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Machine function: grooving,slotting,drilling,material cutting, engraving, carving,chamfering, and irregular shape cutting processing.

Suitable industries: Customized cabinets, wardrobes, wine racks, tatami mats, shoe cabinets, antique shelves, bookshelves, computer desks, partitions, bedside tables, handicrafts, etc.

Applicable materials: particle board, fiberboard, plywood, ecological board, oak board, finger joint board, wheat straw board, solid wood board, PVC board, aluminum honeycomb board, etc.

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    For the cnc router machine, we have two model, HK4 and HK6. HK6 can automatic change machine tools. HK 4 cannot automatic change machine tools.

    Technical parameters

    X axis working arrange 1300mm
    Y axis working arrange 2800mm
    Z axis working arrange 250mm
    Max Air Move Speed 80000mm/min
    Axis rotation speed 0-18000rpm
    Axis motor power 6kw*4pcs
    Servo motor power 1.5kw*4pcs
    Inverter power 7.5kw
    Mode of X/Y axis drive German 2-ground high-precision rack and pinion
    Mode of Z axis drive Taiwan High Precision Ball Screw
    Effective machining speed 10000-250000mm
    Table structure Vacuum adsorption of 24 holes in 7 regions
    Machine body structure heavy-duty rigid frame
    reduction gears box Japanese Nidec Gearbox
    Positioning System Automatic positioning
    Machine size 4300x2300x2500mm
    Machine weight 3000kg

    Heavy machine body

    The overall frame undergoes annealing treatment to release stress, enhance ductility and toughness, and improve stability, making it less prone to deformation.

    Heavy machine body-02

    Vacuum adsorption table

    The workbench has seven main sections that can be controlled independently. It is equipped with a high-power suction pump, which can be used for targeted patching and cutting of excess materials. It ensures that small boards can be processed without shifting.

    Vacuum adsorption table-01

    Ultra-fast tool change

    The four-spindle change tools speed is fast, allowing for continuous processing. This saves time and effort, and improves production efficiency.

    ultra-fast tool change-01

    Inovance servo motor

    Advanced precision intelligent compensation function

    Reducing equipment failure rate

    inovance servo motor-01

    High-speed spindle motor

    HQD6KW air-cooled high-speed spindle motor

    High precision, low noise, and stability

    Faster cutting and get smoother surface

    high-speed spindle motor-01

    Japanese Nidec gearbox

    Japanese Nidec gearbox, smooth operation

    Low noise, wear-resistant, and more precise transmission

    Japanese Nidec gearbox

    Yuanbao Control System

    Taiwan Yuanbao Control System

    Simple user interface, high stability

    Used for high-end equipment or automatic production line.

    Yuanbao Control System

    Transmission accuracy

    German high-precision rack + Taiwanese high-precision ball screw + Taiwanese linear guide

    Low loss, long-lasting durability

    Transmission accuracy

    Automatic Tool Setter

    Up-and-down floating automatic tool setter

    Accurate machining, reducing machine downtime

    Automatic Tool Setter -01

    Precision electronic components

    Inovance inverter, high efficiency and energy saving

    Start-stop time of 3s, stable high-speed operation

    France Schneider contactor

    Flame retardant, safe and stable, high sensitivity

    Precision electronic components

    Auto cylinder feeding

    Cylinder feeding, adding welding guide pillars

    Assisted feeding with wheels for more stable material feeding

    Auto cylinder feeding

    Dust removal device

    X-axis spindle automatic partition full coverage dust suction method

    Central dust collection + secondary dust removal

    Ensure production environment.

    Dust removal device

    Core Advantages

    Intelligent Operation

    Computer drawing, software comes with a large number of templates, intelligent operation is simple and convenient.

    Optimize typesetting, improve the utilization rate of materials, reduce waste, and save costs.

    Core Advantages

    Core Advantages

    Widely used in various industries,

    Can perform punching, slotting, material cutting, engraving, chamfering, and irregular shape cutting processing.

    Application in different industries and fields, such as panel furniture, tables and chairs, wooden doors, cabinets, and sanitary ware.

    Core Advantages (2)

    Core Advantages

    Efficient Processing Efficiency,

    Improved recycling rate, time-saving, convenient, and suitable for all furniture processes.

    The equipment has four main spindles, allowing for quick switching and high efficiency, making it capable of producing various cabinet or door panel designs.

    Core Advantage

    Core Advantages

    Dual Mode Switching

    Between 48 feet and 49 feet with one click, fast and easy.

    Cabinet mode is used for quick drilling, while door panel mode is used for corner shaping, meeting the needs of furniture production for end customers.

    Core Advantage (2)

    Core Advantages

    Has strong compatibility

    Can be integrated with any software on the market. It supports various furniture linking techniques, including hidden fittings, three-in-one fittings, laminates, wood-based easy fittings, and snap-on fittings.

    Core Advantage (3)

    Product Exhibition

    Product Exhibition (2)
    Product Exhibition (1)

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