HK280 Computer panel beam saw

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The Computer panel beam cutting saw machine/HK280 Computer panel beam saw  has a wide range of uses. Because of its high rotation speed, the electronic cutting saw can be widely used in: precision casting of furniture factories, electrical appliances factories, garment factories, toy factories, hardware factories, suitable for mdf, plywood, multilayer board, aluminum board, organic glass board or composite material plates etc.

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1,Pneumatic Rapid Loading of Main saw blade

2,Control of elevation by saw blade according to thickness of saw cutting plate

3,Control of lifting height according to the thickness of saw cutting board

4,Imported high strength aluminium alloy sawing machine

5,Saw vehicle servo motor driving

Technical parameters


Maximum Cutting speed


Max Carrier Maximum Speed


Main Saw Motor Power


Total Power


Maximum Working Size


Optional 120H(mm)

Minimum Working Size


Overall Size

Computer panel beam saw HK280-01 (6)

Meet the requirements of large plate processing, with a maximum sawing size of 2800 * 2800mm and a sawing thickness of 105mm, and a wider applicability

Computer panel beam saw HK280-01 (4)

The robotic arm adopts high-precision worm gear reducer and feeding gear rack, with a cutting accuracy of ± 0.1mm

Computer panel beam saw HK280-01 (7)

worktable is made of imported A-grade anti magnification board with air flotation plate, effectively preventing scratches on the board  

Computer panel beam saw HK280-01 (5)

Scoring saw could be automatically switched according to the needs of sawing. Cooperate with the main saw for high efficiency sawing

Computer panel beam saw HK280-01 (3)

optimization software for automatic optimization of material design and

sawing(option), Computer panel beam cutting saw machine


Computer panel beam saw HK280-01 (8)

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