SAUDI WOODSHOW 2024 Saudi Arabia International Woodworking Show,Welcome To Our Booth!

With the rapid development of the customized home furnishing industry, green, smart, and digitalization have become key directions for industry transformation. From May 12 to 14, 2024, syutech will appear at the 2024 Saudi International Woodworking Show SAUDI WOODSHOW. Have in-depth exchanges with colleagues in the industry and seek the future development of the home furnishing industry.
syutech will make a wonderful appearance with intelligent edge banding machines, CNC nesting machines, CNC six-sided drilling machine and other products, demonstrating its innovative technology and strong strength in an all-round way, attracting the attention of the industry.

Booth number: TA-08 12-14May

Saiyu Technology, as a leading company in the field of furniture manufacturing, showcased these advanced machines at the exhibition, demonstrating its commitment to innovation and excellence. Known for its precision and efficiency, the edge banding machine generated great interest among visitors due to its ability to seamlessly edge furniture components, thereby improving the aesthetics and durability of the finished product. In addition, the six-sided drilling machine reflects Saiyu Technology’s determination to provide comprehensive solutions for furniture production, which can provide precise drilling and forming capabilities on all six sides of the workpiece, simplifying the manufacturing process and ensuring high-quality results .
Saiyu Technology's appearance at the WOODSHOW exhibition highlights the company's important position in the global furniture manufacturing field. By displaying the edge banding machine, the company not only demonstrates its technological prowess but also provides industry professionals with valuable insights into the latest advances in furniture production.
syutech is unique in its ingenuity and strives for excellence, providing customers with efficient and intelligent solutions, promoting new quality productivity, and empowering the development of the furniture industry. We sincerely invite you to our booth.
syutech keeps pace with the times and continues to innovate
Create value for customers with high-quality products and services
Looking forward to participating in this grand event with you
Witness the new technology of smart home manufacturing together.


Post time: May-08-2024